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Leed Resources plc

Approved Investing Policy

Leed Resources is an investing company quoted on AIM, focused on opportunities in the natural resources sector, including mining, oil and gas and building materials. In line with this policy, the proposed investments to be made by the Company may be either quoted or unquoted; made by direct acquisition or through farm-ins; may be in companies, partnerships, joint ventures; or direct interests in natural resource assets. Investments may be made either through equity or through loan notes or other securities that are convertible into equity. Target investments will generally be involved in assets in the exploration, development and production stages. The Company’s resultant equity interest in a proposed investment may range from a minority position to 100 per cent ownership. The Directors will initially focus on projects located in Asia and Australasia but will also consider investments in other geographical regions. It may be that the Company’s financial resources will be invested in a small number of projects or potentially in just one investment which may be deemed to be a reverse takeover under the AIM Rules. The Directors have not, however, excluded the possibility of building a broader portfolio of investment assets. The Company intends to deliver shareholder returns principally through capital growth rather than capital distribution via dividends.

The Company may seek to gain board representation on any of its investments if it deems this to be the best way of obtaining shareholder value. In general, the Company will invest in opportunities where returns will tend to be superior over a longer time horizon but there may be short term situations which the Board is satisfied can meet their investment criteria over a shorter time period. The Company will be ungeared but may use financial instruments of any nature for investment and risk management purposes in order to protect, enhance or preserve the Company’s returns or gains, to hedge the interest rates or currency exchange rates in respect of any of the Company’s assets or for any other reason that the Directors deem appropriate.

The Company has appointed PG Mining Management Limited, whose head office is in Singapore, as consultant to the Company to act as technical and commercial adviser in sourcing and assessing new investments.

Leed Resources plc is a public limited company incorporated and registered in England and Wales under company number 06034226 and its main country of operation is the United Kingdom.